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Sensations and time for laughter !

Concept :

There are sledges linked together forming a big "SNAKE" or a sort of articulated caterpillar. This train is always driven by a certificated instructor.

The ESF Les Angles offers this after ski activity when the ski resort is on the point to close the ski area. A great activity to enjoy the sun set on the Catalan summits.
Snake gliss in Les Angles, it is a 5 km long descent in sledge. Every day, late afternoon, the gondolas will take you up to the top of Llaret pist, then it is just down to down.

Even if the speed is quite low (35km/h max), the fact to be close to the snow gives amazing sensations. the sledges behind the pilot will suit for wise people, The back sledges will give warranty sensations !!!!

This fun activity is a must above all for overexcited teenagers ! A great moment of sharing and friendliness for this after ski completly unusual.

From the age of 3 years old ! 

Rates : 14,50 €/Pers ( Free for children less than 5 years old )
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